I am running for Bargersville Town Council 2023!

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My top Goals for BVille:

  • Increase transparency with local government

  • more focus on current residents 

  • increased connectivity to public spaces

  • slower, more mindful growth

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I      Bargersville!

blythe for bargersville '23!


I am an Army Veteran, Bargersville business owner, proud Bargersville resident, and a member of the Bargersville Police Merit Board. I have a BAS in Massage Therapy and MBA in conscious capitalism from Siena Heights University. I co-own Bargersville Wellness where I work as an esthetician, massage therapist, and
yoga teacher!

I want to better use OUR tax dollars and improve redefine what Hoosier Hospitality means in Bargersville!  Check out my platform! I would love to have your vote on November 7!

blythe for bargersville '23!

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blythe for bargersville '23!

  I don't just live here in Bargersville, I work here, I employ people here, I play here, and I am raising my daughter here. I am running for town council because I love and want to continue to serve my community and make things make sense for all of us, and that includes YOU!

I have no stake in the town as a land owner or builder, I am not in this for the money and, in fact, have already spent more money than I would make in the first year of a four year term. The changes I am proposing mean a lot to me and will positively affect us all.  

  Four years ago, I moved my massage and esthetics practice to Bargersville and opened Bargersville Wellness. From day one in Bargersville, I felt encouraged and welcomed by the Town Council, zoning board, and community members both as a business owner and a constituent.

  Since opening our business, I have graduated from Leadership Johnson County (2022) where, in addition to my experience with the Bargersville Town Council and committees, I was inspired to become more involved in our community and its growth. I am also proud to say that we were the first home in Bargersville to install solar panels. With that installation, I now have experience on the homeowner and business owner side of how interactions with the Town Council work and I want to be a small part of that journey others will be on with Bargersville.

I am an esthetician, board certified massage therapist, and registered (RYT-500) yoga teacher at Bargersville Wellness, serve on the Bargersville Police Merit Board, an ASPIRE Johnson County Ambassador (currently inactive until 11/8/23), in the current class of the Center Grove Ambassador program, in the current class of the Emerging Leaders Project, the White River 09 Precinct Chair, and am an active supporter and participant of the Every Kid Eats Johnson County initiative.

   I walk, run, and play on our sidewalks, trails, and parks nearly every day and have a solid vision for how we can enhance and improve the development of our town. As a Town Council member, I will work to use Hoosier Hospitality to keep the growth of Bargersville accessible, welcoming,and sustainable for new and life-long residents and businesses and ensure the community and its amenities are inclusive and accessible for everyone.

I would very much appreciate your vote on November 7!

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