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blythe for County Council '24!

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Hi! My name is Blythe Potter! I am a small business owner at Bargersville Wellness, an esthetician, massage therapist, yoga teacher, mother, step-mother, and community advocate. I am a blue dog democrat running for Johnson County Council At Large! There are three open seats for democrats on the May 7 primary election and I would love your support!  

With the current state of our local politics, I can no longer sit back and complain. While a seat at the county council does NOT affect state and federal laws, we have a rapidly growing population and economy and I believe I have many ideas that will help save the county some of your tax dollars while improving our environment and leading the way for surrounding counties to follow suite. I am an excellent communicator and I believe I can be a strong, objective, and fair representative for all parties and community members. 

It is important to me that I am the only female veteran running in this election. Veterans, especially female veterans, often have a very unique way of interacting with the world and a perspective on life, social services, and our environment that you don’t get as a civilian. I have a MBA in conscious capitalism and am passionate about protecting our environment, citizens, and making positive changes for the betterment of our economy, infrastructure, and ecosystems.   

I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to meet and represent YOU for the next four years!


blythe for County Council '24!


blythe for County Council '24!

blythe for County Council!

Military background

Use of military rank, titles, or photographs in uniform do not imply endorsement by the Department of the U.S.Army or Army Reserves or the Department of Defense.

I spent time in (mostly) Baghdad from 2005 - 2006 at BIAP/Camp Victory and the Embassy.I was very fortunate to have been selected from my Military Police unit along with 18 of my battle buddies to provide personal security (PSD) for General George Casey who was the highest ranking officer in Iraq. He was the leader of the Multinational Forces in Iraq (MNFI).

I got to pull VERY far outer cordon security for George W. Bush II when he was president while I was there and met several other international VIPs and politicians. I was primarily a 50 cal and SAW gunner, lead driver, and PSD detail on foot at different times.

Fun facts, my 50 cal serial number dated back to WWII and it gives me goosebumps to write that and remember it to this day.I also got to fly in a Blackhawk specifically to wax the back of a high ranking officer, I asked General George Casey at my promotion to E-5 if I could wax his eyebrows while he pinned on my stripes (he said no). 

I also got to meet up with one of my very dear childhood friends, Adam Gorgie, by accident on a tarmac one day near the Embassy (Green Zone). Another story you should ask me about as I enjoy telling it! 


My family!

This is a small glimpse of my family! I love my family dearly and we are, as we all are, a work in progress. My daughter and step-daughters are my whole entire universe. My husband and I have a great partnership and continue to learn to navigate a blended family, toddler, careers, normal home and life stuff, and, after more than twelve years, I think we are killing it! 

None of it is easy or perfect, but it is ours and it is lovely and I feel grateful to be able to share a small piece of that with you!

I grew up with my parents living in both Center Grove and Franklin Township. I have a bachelor’s degree in Massage Therapy and Masters of Business Administration from Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan. I co-own Bargersville Wellness in downtown Bargersville and am passionate about self-care and the Johnson County community.

The most interesting thing about my MBA is that it was very focused on conscious capitalism and, being a small private Catholic university, and while I do not identify as Catholic run by the Adrian Dominican Sisters, I really love their mission and vision statements and these values were instilled in me as a student and I carry them with me today.

Their Vision:
We Dominican
Preachers of Adrian
impelled by the Gospel 
and outraged by the injustices 
of our day
seek truth; 
make peace; 
reverence life.

Stirred by the Wisdom of God 
and rooted in our 
contemplative prayer, 
communal study and life in community, 
we challenge heresies of local and global 
domination, exploitation, and greed 
that privilege some,
dehumanize others, 
and ravage Earth.

We confront our racist attitudes and root out racist practices in our lives and systems.

We confront systems where women are denied freedom, equality, and full personhood.

We walk in solidarity with people who are poor 
and challenge structures 
that impoverish them.

We practice non-violent peacemaking.

We promote lay leadership 
and shared decision-making 
for a renewed Church.

We live right relationships with Earth community.

We claim the communal authority 
and responsibility of our Dominican heritage.

We commit ourselves 
to live this Vision.

Growing up, I was part of the award-winning Franklin Central Marching Flashes breaking State Fair records for consecutive wins. My director, Raymond G. Hauser would be very proud of me. I danced from the age of two and majored in dance performance at Ball State University.  I enlisted during my time at Ball State and went to esthetics school after I decided that traditional college really wasn't the path for me.

I was kicked out of Ball State twice for poor grades. I learned then to trust my gut. That path was not for me. If you had told me in 2004 that I would one day finish my bachelors and masters degrees with 4.0+ GPAs, I would have not believed you. That journey taught me that traditional learning styles was not for me and sometimes we have to find our best ways of learning to excel. I hope anyone reading this can find, or has found, their passion for learning and the learning style that works best for you. 

I have VERY fond memories driving under the Umbarger grain "bridge" growing up to get to my dad's. If you had told me 30+ years ago I would move here and own a business (or run for a political office), I absolutely would have laughed until I cried. Each of these things, including my kids, were always on my, "never going to happen," list! Spoiler alert, I would not change a single things that led me to this moment.

My husband, Michael, is a Center Grove graduate and licensed professional geologist specializing in emergency response. He attended Butler University, IUPUI, and USC. I met him in 2011 and we have been together since the first day we met. We have three children, Jordan (19) and Madison (16) are Blythe's step-daughters and Violet (2) is our surprise pandemic baby! We were the first residents in Bargersville to utilize solar power and are proud that we got the town to get the rules in place for more homes to use solar energy.

Violet, is in dance and swim lessons. Madison is a sophomore at Zionsville High School and Jordan is a freshman at Ball State studying wildlife conservation.

If you have made it this far, I thank you for reading a little about me. I hope I get to meet you one day! If you have noticed the purple theme, I LOVE the color purple. Violet, my daughter, is named after a dog we lost the year I found out I was expecting her. Purple is also the color you get when you mix red and blue. I am running as a democrat but was a republican up until 2015. My life experience has taught me that there needs to be more middle ground, purple, in our world because nothing is black and white. I see both sides of all major issues. I appreciate my rights to bear arms but also love the social programs that support our community, my retired parents, and the people who need it. 

I would very much appreciate your vote on May 7 regardless of the party you identify with. I am happy to have a civil conversation with any of you. I do plan to continue to go door to door to meet more of our community members. If you live in a subdivision or home that requests no soliciting but would like for me to stop by, please email me! I will also be at the Trunk or Treat and many of the Bargersville Main Street events!

I think Bargersville could use safer accessibility to its residents and current sidewalks and trails. I also think we need to keep cost of living and amenities affordable for all residents. My fear is that we are starting to neglect our aging population and families/homes that weren't built with high price tags.

I hope you share my page, follow me on social media, and support my campaign financially if you're able. I also hope I get the opportunity to represent you and our county for the next four years!

Thank you for spending your valuable time learning a little bit more about me!

Be well,

blythe for JC Council '24!


Here are some more random tidbits about me!

   I have been vegan for a little over seven years, my husband and daughter, Violet, are also vegan!I went vegan while finishing my undergrad and studying theology, specifically Buddhism and its relation to the yoga sutra, ahimsa. Yes, not only am I one of very few democrats in our area, I am one of the even smaller number of vegans!

   One of my favorite places to visit is San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and the Dia de Muertos festivities. I cannot speak Spanish but I hope to make time to learn one day! I really love taking dance lessons while I am there!

   I have fostered more than 100 dogs since 2008, mostly through Luv A Dog Rescue out of Indy. We have adopted four dogs and two cats from their rescue!

   I cannot meet a WWII veteran without crying and I usually cry when I meet a Vietnam veteran. If you fall into this category, thank you for your service and I hope to one day shake your hand. Thank you. 

   Both of my baby brothers enlisted before I did and we were all three at one time in the same MP unit. 

   I pick up trash nearly everywhere I go so if you see someone wandering around with a bag of trash, it is very likely me!

   I don't actually care much for defining political parties. I voted Libertarian in 2016 and we all know how successful that was!

   I LOVE Ben and Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough vegan ice cream, Simple Truth vegan chocolate chip cookies, and Takis. Any of those three, or other salty crunchy vegan snacks, I will happily devour an entire container of in one sitting and usually don't regret it!



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