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Thank you for making time to check me out! As a Hoosier native who was raised in a Republican home and community, I want to share some ways I agree with your values and the ways my views have changed over the years! Read on for more and note that I always welcome kind communication on how we see things differently! This isn't me trying to change your mind but rather an attempt to blend the elephant and donkey divide we have been experiencing. Most animals are pack animals, and I think humans are, too, so lets be in a pack together!

I      Johnson County!

Hi, republicans!

First and foremost, I think it is important to remember that I am an Army Veteran and as a Veteran, I was taught to lead and serve alongside my fellow sisters and brothers in arms and to serve and protect YOU regardless of political affiliation. I still have every intention to do just that, and I have, my entire professional career. Being one of your three at large county council members would not change that. 

I also want to emphasize that my potentially having a seat on the County Council will NOT affect any state or federal issues. One vote for me doesn't flip our town to a blue town or our council to a democratic council. I would be one of three of your votes, one of five council members, working for YOU. A vote for me is as vote for our community and logical growth and I have no hidden agenda. I identify as a blue dog democrat; red and blue make purple which is why purple is my campaign color. None of the hot button issues such as state and federal taxes, abortion, second amendment rights, healthcare, etc. will be amongst the things I would help decide for our town and I think it is very important to keep that in mind as we consider how we vote. I am encouraging anyone reading this to vote split ticket and make time to see what the candidates on both side believe.

Voting blue and red doesn't make you a socialist any more than sitting in a tree makes you a bird (but that would be fun, right, to be a bird?!)!

Our County Council is currently a super majority and that does not represent our community well. No party in any municipality or state should have a supermajority. Left and right voices need to be heard to create a more fair and free community.

Matt Giebler, senior minister at Greenwood Christian Church, reminds us every time I take a class from him or hear him speak with LJC that the Bible teaches humans to love our neighbors as we do ourselves. Caring for one another via social services programs is a very easy and inexpensive way to do just that. I am happy to pay taxes to keep healthcare and other social programs available for our families if we ever find ourselves in need while hoping I never need many of them. Kind of like most insurance policies. I especially believe this would take a lot of pressure off of nonprofits.  

When I got home from Iraq in 2006, I had 90 days to get insurance because there was no funding for me to continue my TriCare at that time. Now, Veterans have access to TriCare thanks to OUR tax dollars! So, thank you!

If you're interested in my thoughts on the hot button issues that concern our nation, here they are. Again, I urge you to remember that I am your neighbor. I want to work with you and for you and NONE of these issues will be anything our Town Council ever make decisions on.

Guns/Second Amendment

Social Service with Tax Money

Why is Blythe a Democrat?

Click here to check out my ideas for improving Johnson County and for details on what I would love to make better for current residents, future residents, visitors, and businesses!

THings to contemplate before you vote in  november!

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