Why is Blythe a Democrat?

How does my being a democrat affect what I can bring to the table if you elect me to Bargersville Town Council? Hopefully a lot! While I wouldn't be making all of the decisions alone, there are several things as a Bargersville resident and business owner I would love to see improved upon for all of us to benefit from.

I genuinely have tried to live by the Indiana Democratic Party values even before I knew they were the party values, and before I even considered getting into politics. These values include (but is not limited to; this is a small snapshot) believing in:

* A diverse population and the benefits derived from diversity.
* Compassion, inclusion, and respect for ALL citizens.
* Equal opportunity for ALL citizens.
* Safety nets for society's most vulnerable.
* Protection of the rights of individuals, especially those who may be unprotected or unrepresented.
* Quality education that gives all citizens the opportunity to reach their potential.
* Rewarding honest, hard work with fair wages and a fair tax system.
* Laws that protect and preserve our environment.
* Security in our homes and safety in our streets.
* Open and honest government.
* Fair and independent elections.
* A STRONG United States - raising up our most vulnerable, providing a pathway to the
  American Dream, securing American interests abroad, and being competitive on the global

I do not know many people who disagree with those values especially since we are one of the worst states to live in!!

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